Malang City Goes Green with 10,000 Public Solar Power-Street Lighting

The City Government of Malang will build 10,000 Public Street Lighting-Solar Power (PJU-TS) distributed throughout Malang City. This act was marked by the signing of a cooperation on the implementation of PJU-TS between Perumda Tunas and PT Panah Perak Megasarana. The step was taken as an effort by the Malang City Government to convert conventional energy sources into new renewable energy (EBT), namely solar power.

President Director of Perumda Tunas, Dodot Triwidodo, SE, MM said that the construction of PJUTS was carried out as part of Perumda Tunas’ duties listed in Regional Regulation Number 5 Article 9, namely on electricity procurement, including from biogas. In addition, the construction of PJU-TS is also an effort to realize green energy in Malang City.

After the PJU-TS plans have been established, the local government will add other things related to technology, such as internet connection installations and CCTV. This is done, because according to Dodot, the potential for PJU-TS development is very large and not limited to street lighting alone.

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The Mayor of Malang city, Drs. H. Sutiaji also appreciated Perumda Tunas’ move to cooperate with PT Panah Perak Megasarana to help the city government in providing public facilities. According to him, this step is a concrete manifestation of Perumda Tunas as a Regional-Owned Enterprise (BUMD) in easing the burden on local governments.

The number one person in Malang also gave several notes related to the construction of PJU-TS. Among them is the importance of maximum service provided and the maintenance plan regarding the PJU-TS that will later be installed.

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