MALIQ & D’Essentials’ 20th Anniv Concert Ticket Sales Opens, Grab Yours

Maliq & D’Essentials is preparing to hold their first solo concert entitled “Konser 20 Tahun MALIQ & D’Essentials” at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta on Sunday, May 14, 2023. MALIQ personnel, Angga, Widi Indah, Jawa, and Ilman have started practicing regularly at their new studio, Mad Haus has prepared 25 tracks from their first full album to the mini album RAYA. Understanding the meaning of a precious journey, this concert will last intimately for 3 hours.

“In this concert, we try to package and celebrate 20 years of MALIQ’s journey. It’s not just our journey, but it’s also our journey and that of the listeners, Where we are adults for 20 years, and everyone must have a wedge with MALIQ & D’Essentials in their life,” said Widi.

By adopting the title of the album ever released by MALIQ throughout its career, the 20 Years of Concert Ticket category, such as 1st class, Sriwedari, RAYA, Free Your Mind, Pop Music, and Beginning Of A Beautiful Life. The 1st class category is right in front of the stage and is reserved for loyal fans. Not only watching the concert, but ticket holders for this festival also had the opportunity to witness MALIQ while conducting a sound check on stage.

Next is the category for fans who want to sit back and relax while watching the concert, namely Sriwedari is on the left side of the stage and vice versa, the third category RAYA is on the right side of the stage. The last category is the Free Your Mind class, Pop Music, and The Beginning Of A Beautiful Life. Of course, a standing audience is no less interesting than this category, because MALIQ fans who like to dance can move freely in this area which is still on the same floor as the 1st category.

The MALIQ 20th Anniversary Concert was promoted by Jagjag and Northstar Entertainment. Concert ticket sales will open on Tuesday, 07 March 2023 at 14.00 WIB via specifically for MALIQ & D’Essentials Open for 20 Years Jakarta Concert Ticket Sales, BCA Credit Card users, BCA Debit Cards and BCA Virtual Accounts.

On the next day, prospective buyers can use other payment methods that have been provided. The day after the concert was held, MALIQ celebrated its birthday on May 15 which entered a new age and a new era. This 20 Years Concert is also a very grateful summary of what he has achieved throughout his career.


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