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Mandark Tells Her Journey in Finding Her True Self through “BADA88” Album

Mandark released her first solo album “BADA88” (read: badass). The album was produced by Fortune Coookie Records, a production team that has won several Golden Melody Awards (Mandarin Grammy Awards) and was released exclusively in Indonesia under Indonesian label, Sun Eater.

The songs in the album are in English, Japanese, and Korean. They cover various genres, such as indie pop, synth-pop, R&B, and alternative. For instance, “Sushi” will present upbeat Indie-Pop and “8ODY” will feature UK garage. Additionally, a music video for the track “DALIDA” will accompany its release.

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Mandark’s journey inspired her to write the album. She didn’t want to stay in her status quo despite her bands’ achievement. For the last one year, she has strived to find her unique persona. The album reflects on how she found the true “her”, along with discovering love and infinite freedom.

The 8 songs accumulated in Mandark’s album shows her desire to stand out in Asia music. She hopes her music will make her fans find their true self.

About Mandark

Mandark is a Taiwanese indie musician and songwriter. She is previously known as the lead singer and the keyboardist of the bands “Sweet John” and “I Mean Us”.

She has been active in popular Chinese music in the last few years. She also has contributed to international indie by performing at SXSW, Busan Rock Festival, and Audiotree Live.

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