Kavenda Bringing Kav Project to Release New Single “Tidurlah”

Kavenda Septakusuma is bringing the Kav Project back with his new single “Tidurlah”. This single is the latest single from Kavenda and Andro after last year’s release of “Sesaat Menghilang”. Kavenda wrote this new single with the theme of sleep, which is based on his personal story.

Kavenda explained that the story from “Tidurlah” is about a person who is experiencing a heavy burden of life and stress to the point where it disturbs the peace of their soul and mind. This makes the person feel unable to sleep well. This story is not only experienced by Kavenda as the songwriter, but also by the people around the Kav Project.

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Kavenda hopes that this new single can relate to the situation of all listeners in Indonesia and can help many people to calm down and relax. Through the lyrics of this song, he hopes that it can make the listeners feel calmer, and also feel that they have friends who share the same feeling or experience.

He also added, when we try to force ourselves to solve problems when we feel stressed, we will find it hard to find the answers to our problems, so maybe sleep can be the solution.

After releasing “Tidurlah”, Kavenda and Andro will be having a radio tour at several points in big cities, and also will be performing soon at several places in Jakarta. The Kav Project is also preparing their debut album that will be released soon at the end of this year.

For now, you can enjoy “Tidurlah” on any digital streaming platforms in Indonesia.

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