Taste Atlas 5 Most Legendary Restaurants include Warung Mak Beng

Taste Atlas just released a list of the most legendary restaurants in the world. Out of the 150 restaurants listed, one of the restaurants is in Bali. Warung Mak Beng in Sanur, Bali occupies the 3rd position on the list. Taste Atlas said the restaurant not only offers delicious food, but also stories, traditions, and gastronomic journeys that span tens or even hundreds of years. However, Mak Beng is not the only iconic restaurant in the list that you may want to visit. Here are some of the most legendary restaurants in the world according to Taste Atlas.

Most Legendary Restaurants In The World

1. Figlmuller (Vienna, Austria)

Since 1905, this restaurant has specialized in serving one dish, the schnitzel wiener art. schnitzel wiener is usually a breaded and deep-fried veal cutlet. However, schnitzel wiener art uses pork. The pork will be pounded thinly, breaded, and then fried in oil or a mixture of oil and butter. Usually, schnitzel wiener art is served with potato salad, French fries, and parsley potatoes.

2. Katz’s Delicatessen (New York City, USA)

Katz’s Delicatessen is a piece of history in New York. Since 1888 until today, you can sample its iconic menu, which is pastrami (processed beef) filled wheat bread. This classic dish is usually topped with spicy mustard and accompanied by dill pickles.

3. Warung Mak Beng (Sanur, Bali)

This legendary restaurant has been around since 1941 with one mainstay menu, fried fish. Since its establishment in 1941, Mak Beng’s uncompromising commitment to fresh, local produce and a tightly guarded family recipe has endowed its fare with a distinctive taste that transcends trends. Here, you’ll be dining in a local style complete with a beach atmosphere and fried fish accompanied with spicy chili sauce.

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4. La Polar (Mexico City, Mexico)

La Polar was established in 1934. This is where you can eat the iconic Italian dish, birria. Birria literally means ‘messy’, which refers to something of poor quality. However, it also describes a simple and classic dish. Birria is made from goat meat that is braised for a long time so that the texture is completely soft. During the braising process, spices are incorporated. The dish will be served with corn tortillas, garlic, cilantro, and lime.

5. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele (Naples, Italy)

What else is there to enjoy in Italy but pizza? At L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, you’ll enjoy the signature napoletana pizza. The restaurant, which was established in 1870, has made history through the popularity of Neapolitan pizza. In this place, you’ll find pizza made with high quality local ingredients and prepared with simplicity and prepared in a wood-fired oven.

Source : CNNIndonesia

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