Mark Natama Releases His First Pop Ballad Song, “Penikmat Senyummu”

Bingkai Karya-In his most recent song, “Penikmat Senyummu,” Mark Natama invites us to have composure when our love isn’t appreciated. This release was handled by Universal Music Indonesia. “Penikmat Senyummu” illustrates how, as humans, we sometimes feel rejected and then choose to let go of that reality.

“Although it hurts, it will all be worth it in the end because we get to see our loved ones smile.” Mark Natama stated, “Be real because that’s how things really are.”

Penikmat Senyummu” is Mark Natama’s first song to carry the pop ballad genre. He typically had a very thick R&B pop music color in his four previous singles. “To be honest, I felt challenged when I heard this song since it required me to step outside of my comfort zone. But with a lot of assistance, the outcomes were incredibly fulfilling,” he said. 

In this single, Mark Natama also collaborated with one of the hit makers, Clara Riva. She is also known as the writer of Salma Salsabil hit song “Bunga Hati” and Nabila Taqiyyah “Ku Ingin Pisah”.

As previously mentioned, this track is a pop ballad song that is naturally wrapped in a calm and lovely arrangement. The melancholic ambiance of the song is perfectly captured by Mark Natama’s powerful singing style, making it seem perfect when played.

The Fascinating Music Video

Meanwhile, the concept for the music video of “Penikmat Senyummu” is meant to tell a tale. When Mark Natama, who is working on a screenplay, can only admire someone who works as his model and receives nothing in return. It’s always fascinating to watch Nocturnal Projects’ work, which is directed by Adrian Vitra and Jessy Sylviani.

Mark Natama hopes this song will inspire people who are experiencing similar feelings. He hopes that his work could motivate people to remain positive and true to themselves. Because love cannot be forced and happiness can be found in simple things.

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