“Melodate” Soundtrack Released, Featuring Avia Athalia and Heidi

Bingkai Karya – Clockwork Film has released the soundtrack for its latest film, “Melodate“, which premiered on Prime Video on February 22, 2024. The soundtrack features two original songs, “Isi Hati” by Avia Athalia and “Soon Finland” by Heidi (The Girl with the Hair).

“Isi Hati”, written by Dai Ramadhani, is a beautiful ballad about expressing one’s feelings for someone they admire. Avia Athalia is excited to be involved in the project, saying, “I’m happy to be involved again. I hope this song can also be enjoyed by Indonesian music listeners and the feelings I convey can reach them too.”

“Soon Finland” is a sweet song written by Heidi based on her personal experience. It tells the story of a beautiful love that not only finds each other but also heals. “The song was originally purely about my hopes, expectations, and future plans with my partner at the time. So the words in it are really from the heart. It’s an LDR story, so the song is very longing, wanting this and that, we’ll do this and that,” said Heidi.

“Melodate” is a romantic drama about a teenager named Melody (Caitlin Halderman) who lives in a boarding school. Mrs. Rasti, the principal and head of Mahadewi Girls’ Dormitory, is furious with Melody, a new student who causes trouble in the dorm. To make matters worse, Dante (Jourdy Pranata), Mrs. Rasti’s son, suddenly introduces Melody as his girlfriend.


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