Singer-songwriter Dillan Zamaita Releases New Single “Nona”

Bingkai KaryaDillan Zamaita, a 25-year-old singer-songwriter from Jakarta, has just released his latest single titled “Nona”. Released by Sedjuk Media Network, this song completes the catalog of songs that Dlilan has previously released. They are “Shadow” (2022), “Sunshine and Cigarette” (2022), “Roselina” (2023) and “Stand Tall” (2023). Interestingly, the single “Nona” is his first song that not only has Indonesian lyrics, but also marks a new sign of Dillan Zamaita’s musical identity.

Previously, he was inspired by 90s rock n roll music like Oasis, now he delves deeper into the 50s rock n roll era of Elvis Presley and rockabilly music. With a catchy song structure that is repeated and with a fairly simple delivery of lyrics, this song is guaranteed to be more easily catchy, especially for rock music fans.

The idea for the song “Nona” came when Dillan was watching the movie The Silver Lining Playbook (2012). Then he turned off the sound of the film while watching and played the guitar while singing as if this song was its soundtrack. Then it just happened. The song itself tells the story of a man’s interest in a woman at a party and asks her to dance.

He admitted that he had difficulty writing Indonesian lyrics, especially when processing the syllables. But because he wanted his message to be more easily understood, he is determined to get used to using Indonesian in his songs in the future.

In addition, the presence of female singer/actress Mentari Novel also adds sweetness to this duet song. The reason is because besides being a good friend, Mentari Novel is considered to have a voice character that fits this song. So it further complements the musical arrangement which was produced directly by Dillan Zamaita with the help of co-producer and mixing engineer, Rama Harto and the presence of Rhesa Aditya (Endah ‘n Rhesa) who acted as the mastering engineer for this song.

Finally, Dillan Zamaita hopes that the listeners can accept his music and not categorize his music with a certain genre. Just because his work this time is quite different from his previous works.


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