MAN 2 Kota Malang Delegation Departs for Istanbul Youth Summit 2024

Bingkai Karya – Eighteen students from Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) 2 Kota Malang are set to embark on a 12-day scientific expedition to Istanbul, Turkey, to participate in the prestigious Istanbul Youth Summit (IYS) 2024. This international event will bring together young scholars from 35 countries, fostering collaboration and discussion around critical global issues.

The delegation’s participation is part of the MADU MANJA (MAN Dua Menjelajah Dunia) program, a flagship initiative designed to equip students with valuable global insights and facilitate opportunities for further studies abroad.

Speaking at a farewell ceremony, Headmaster Samsudin expressed his hope that the program will broaden the students’ knowledge base, particularly in areas related to Islamic history and culture. He encouraged them to view the IYS experience as a journey of learning about Turkish culture and its rich historical legacy, highlighting its enduring preservation of Islamic heritage.

Emphasizing discipline and self-care, Samsudin also reminded the students to prioritize their well-being during their time in Turkey. “Remember to pray and take breaks,” he advised, acknowledging the cultural and geographical shift they will encounter.

The delegation, accompanied by one chaperone, will depart for Turkey on February 27th and return on March 9th. During their participation in IYS, they will engage in discussions with students from diverse backgrounds, focusing on the implementation of four Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Health, Education, Environment, and Economy.

Ahmad Thohir Yoga, Head of Language Development Center (LDC) and chaperone for the delegation, shared his perspective on the program’s significance. He views the IYS as a platform to refine public speaking skills and cultivate leadership qualities within the students. He believes their participation will contribute to building their leadership character in a global context, preparing them to actively contribute to their nation’s future and the global community at large.

This opportunity provides the students of MAN 2 Kota Malang with a unique platform to connect with peers on a global scale, engage in critical discussions, and broaden their understanding of the world while representing their school and community on the international stage.


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