Arsy Widianto and Tiara Andini Release “Masih Hatiku,” a Prequel to “Lagu Pernikahan Kita”

Bingkai Karya – Following the success of their previous song “Lagu Pernikahan Kita,” Arsy Widianto and Tiara Andini have released another romantic ballad titled “Masih Hatiku.” This song serves as the second part of the music series “ArTi Semestinya Cinta” and is released under the Universal Music Indonesia label.

While “Masih Hatiku” is the second song in the series, it is actually a prequel to “Lagu Pernikahan Kita.” It tells the story of the obstacles that couples often face before getting married.

“This song describes the situation of couples who are often faced with various obstacles before getting married. These obstacles are what can actually strengthen the bond of love between a couple before they take a more serious step, and both Arsy and Tiara portray it very well,” said Yovie Widianto, the composer of “Masih Hatiku.”

The song’s lyrics, written by Arsy Widianto himself, depict the feelings of doubt and uncertainty about how much love a partner has before taking the next step.

Unlike their previous single, which focused more on the harmonious blend of Arsy Widianto and Tiara Andini’s voices, this song has more parts that require them to sing back and forth. However, their vocal harmonies still sound sweet and harmonious.

“The many parts of the song that require Arsy & Tiara to sing back and forth make this song much more colorful,” added Yovie Widianto.

Music Video for “Masih Hatiku”

While “Lagu Pernikahan Kita” had a music video with a strong wedding vibe and a romantic setting in Bali, the music video for “Masih Hatiku” was shot in Australia. Taking place before the characters of Arsy & Tiara get married, the music video tells the story of Tiara who is faced with jealousy when she sees Arsy with a female friend.

This feeling of jealousy is a depiction of the obstacles and challenges that couples who are about to get married often face. In the end, Arsy explains the situation to reassure Tiara and their relationship becomes stronger and closer to the next step, which is marriage.

Mini Album “ArTi Semestinya Cinta”

“Masih Hatiku” is the second song on Arsy Widianto and Tiara Andini’s second mini album titled “ArTi Semestinya Cinta,” which was created by the maestro Yovie Widianto.

“ArTi is full of meaning. In every creation, there are always interesting concepts where the strength of ArTi lies in Arsy and Tiara. Both of them are very strong singers in interpreting songs, so every lyric has the depth of meaning needed for the strength of a composition,” explained Yovie Widianto, who also hopes that the ArTi music series will always have a special place in the hearts of Indonesian music lovers.

“Masih Hatiku” was officially released and can be listened to via all digital music platforms on Friday, February 23, 2024.


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