Indonesian Rising Star Aruma Blooms with Debut EP “Bertumbuh”

Bingkai KaryaAruma, a name swiftly climbing the Indonesian music scene, is poised to blossom even further with the release of her highly anticipated debut EP, “Bertumbuh.” This five-track collection, arriving February 23rd, 2024, marks a significant milestone in the young artist’s journey and promises a captivating exploration of growth, love, and vulnerability.

Aruma’s meteoric rise began with her debut single under Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia, which garnered a staggering 168 million Spotify streams and 18 million YouTube views. This remarkable achievement earned her double platinum status and the esteemed “The Best Newcomer” award at the 2023 Indonesian Music Awards (AMI).

The title, “Bertumbuh,” is more than just a name for Aruma; it’s a deeply personal expression. “It’s inspired by the process of a flower growing,” she explains, “from a small seed to blooming beautifully. That’s how I feel about this EP. It represents my own growth as an artist, from joining the label to releasing this collection.”

The EP features a blend of familiar and fresh offerings. Three previously released songs, “Muak,” “Ekspektasi,” and “Hilang Kendali,” are joined by two brand new tracks, “Rindu Berjatuhan” and “Tunggulah Sebentar.” Aruma describes the selection process as “swift,” choosing songs that “depict the bitterness of life, especially in love.” But fear not, listeners! These heartfelt emotions are delivered with “graceful and sweet melodies,” creating a unique balance between relatability and musical charm.

For Aruma, “Bertumbuh” isn’t just an EP; it’s a stepping stone. “I’m nervous but excited,” she confesses, “This is a big step in my journey as a musician. I hope this release will be a positive start, and the songs will reach listeners in various cities.”

And reach listeners she will, with a heartfelt message accompanying her music. “I hope this EP touches many people,” she says, “and my songs become a part of your life journey. May the five songs in ‘Bertumbuh’ accompany you through various life processes. Whether happy or sad, we’ll get through it together.”

So, mark your calendars for February 23rd and prepare to be swept away by Aruma’s blossoming talent. “Bertumbuh” promises to be a journey of self-discovery, emotional connection, and musical delight. Don’t miss out on witnessing the bloom of this rising Indonesian star!


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