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Monica Christina Celebrates Her Life In “Lilin Kecil”

Monica Christina, a singer and songwriter based in Malang City, Indonesia, will start her debut in music by releasing a single titled “Lilin Kecil”. This single was written by Monica and produced by Saving Reggie Productions, a production label that has produced several songs such as “Akhir Tak Bahagia” by Misellia, “Bila Kemarin” by Yotari, and other songs.

Monica was inspired by the life events she faced in her life before while writing “Lilin Kecil”. It’s about how you face different phases in life, endure hard times, become more resilient because of it, and continue to pursue the peaceful life that everybody wants. 

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“Lilin Kecil” is a metaphor of those phases in life made by Monica. It’s how fragile our lives and souls are. But even though we are made out of brittle skin, bone, and flesh, we keep fight  for the life we want no matter how hard it is to stand tall in the middle of the storm. So rather than an elegy of her life events, Monica wants to emphasize this song as a ‘little candle’ that epitomizes celebrations. She wants to celebrate every little thing in her life, good or bad, flawed or flawless.

Fun fact, Monica was a participant of several talent shows before. One of them is The Voice Kids Indonesia 2016, where she sang “Karena Ku Sanggup” that was originally sung by Agnez Mo. (Valium) And Monica succeeded to reach the top of Indonesia YouTube trending list! Besides participated in The Voice Kids Indonesia 2016, she also participated in Indonesian Idol and survived on Top 50.

Lilin Kecil”, Monica’s first single ever, was released on September 27th and available to stream on your favorite digital streaming platform.


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