NOAHFINNCE Debuts with “GROWING UP ON THE INTERNET,” a Pop-Punk Exploration of Growing Up Online

Bingkai Karya – YouTuber-turned-musician NOAHFINNCE has released his debut album, “GROWING UP ON THE INTERNET,” a collection of songs that chronicle his experiences navigating the online world from a young age.

“I feel like everything has led to this,” NOAHFINNCE says. “My fans have seen me grow up online, and now I can finally tell my story.”

The album features collaborations with established musicians, including co-writing and production credits from STĀ£FAN and McFly’s Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter on the track “LOVELY LADIES.” Other producers on the record include Julia Sykes, LAWRENT, Thomas Mitchener, and Arcades.

“GROWING UP ON THE INTERNET” is a coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of the digital world.  The 11-track album explores themes of self-discovery, navigating online expectations, resilience, and LGBTQ+ rights. Tracks like “SCUMBAG” and references to “anti-terf” lyrics hint at the artist’s social consciousness.

NOAHFINNCE reflects on the impact of growing up online under constant scrutiny: “I’m only just realizing how being online with so many watching has affected me. It’s hard to know who you are without people telling you who to be. I think a lot of people my age can relate to this struggle.”

The album delves into the complexities of growing up in the age of social media, questioning the long-term effects of constant comparison and unfiltered information.

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