OPPO Indonesia Showed Reno8 Series’s Portrait Expert Skill through 77 Portrait Anak Bangsa Exhibition

OPPO Indonesia celebrated Independence Day by holding 77 Portrait Anak Bangsa Campaign. This campaign includes 77 photos and videos’s exhibition of figures who contributed to Indonesia’s progress with various disciplines and expertise in their fields. Through this campaign, OPPO Indonesia can actualize its vision to continue innovating for better human life.

The exhibition was held from 15-18 August 2022 and took place in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. Photos and video portraits of all the figures in this exhibition were taken with OPPO Reno8 series. The 77 people are inspirational figures, starting from legendary actors, directors, writers to founders of various companies who will share stories in their work and expression to contribute for the Indonesian people through a series of portrait photos and videos.

OPPO Indonesia’s Chief Marketing Officer, Patrick Owen, said “We believe that the unique stories of the nation’s children can awaken the people’s spirit to continue to work and be free to express themselves without limit. We have recorded and captured enthusiasm, role models, and various inspirational stories through the OPPO Reno8 Series at an event that we pack with the title: 77 Portrait Anak Bangsa.”

All of the portrait photos which are displayed in 77 Portrait Anak Bangsa at Plaza Indonesia shows the capabilities of the Reno8 Series devices, especially on Reno8 Pro 5G that has a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) special imaging developed by OPPO, MariSilicon X. This capability is evidenced by several portrait photos taken in low conditions light that’s still clearly visible, without noise, and sharp.

The sharpness of these photos can be seen from the OPPO Reno8 Pro 5G photos printed UV with a size of 120 cm x 185 cm, on laminated foam board material. In one of the night portrait photos, a firm facial line has been captured perfectly in dark conditions without any significant noise. This is a Night Portrait feature where the Sony IMX766 flagship lens combination is added with the Turbo RAW algorithm to deliver AINR (AI Noise Reduction) on 3 layers of R/G/B color.

During the exhibition, visitors can also enjoy free pastries and coffee from O-Café. They just need to upload a photo on the social media while in the 77 Portrait Anak Bangsa Exhibition area with attaching the hashtags #77PortraitAnakBangsa and #OPPOReno8Series. Besides that, the 77 Portrait Anak Bangsa Campaign with prizes of the latest OPPO Reno8 Series and OPPO TWS is also held on OPPO Indonesia’s official social media which lasts until 18 September 2022.

The public can participate in the event by uploading unique portrait photos by attaching hashtags #77PortraitAnakBangsa and #OPPOReno8Series, as well as tagging @oppoindonesia on Instagram. Every upload and story from participants will be converted worth IDR 50,000 by OPPO Indonesia to rebuild PAUD Intan Cendana Putri, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), through the Happy Hearts Indonesia Foundation.

“This inspirational exhibition is held so that more people know about the achievements that have been made by the nation’s children and are inspired to contribute to Indonesia. In addition to inspirational figures, this exhibition also shows that smartphones with technology and innovations can be a part of fine art. OPPO hopes to continue to be a strategic partner for the nation’s children in Indonesia’s creative industry,” concluded Patrick Owen.


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