Paul Partohap Tells About Friendship on “BESTFRiEND”

Paul Partohap released another new single this year titled “BESTFRiEND”. His new single carries the theme of friendship, hinted by the song name. Paul Partohap produced “BESTFRiEND” together with Arseri Music and Warner Music Indonesia. Paul seems to be working especially hard this year, as “BESTFRiEND” is the third song that Paul released in 2023.

In his new single, ‘BESTFRiEND’, Paul tries to capture the unique relationship of friendship. Paul Partohap tried to process the friendship theme by making the sound and color of his music this time bolder than his previous songs. Paul admits that he wants to present an exploration of notation, instruments, and beats that can be sung together by the listeners.

Along with Khalishah Isyana, the co-producer of the song, Paul said, “The music is about adventure and togetherness that can be enjoyed by the listener in the company of their friends. I also wrote the lyrics with a full heart to show how grateful and appreciative I am for the people who have chosen me as their friend. Anyway, I made this song for all of us who always feel that the meaning of friendship is happiness that we need to always celebrate.”

Currently, Paul Partohap’s new single ‘BESTFRiEND‘ can be heard on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia.

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