Peter $un Caps Off 2023 with Electrifying Remix Package for “My Favorite Drug”

Bingkai Karya – Richmond, VA-to-LA artist Peter $un concludes the year on a high note with the release of a captivating remix package for the groovy lead single “My Favorite Drug” from his summer EP ‘3PIECE.’ The remixes, curated by renowned producers Blinkie, Jae Murphy, Uncle Kizzy, and Karen Nyame KG, breathe new life into the track, offering diverse sonic experiences from chill lo-fi vibes to percussive Amapiano and unadulterated house.

Reflecting on the project, Peter $un shares, “It’s really fire to see various producers’ perspectives on ‘My Favorite Drug.’ Sonically, the different energies are amazing and I feel like they’re all perfect for whatever mood you’re in at that moment.”

Blinkie, one of the contributing remixers, expresses, “As soon as I heard the original version of this track, the chords for the remix came to me. I wanted to keep the soul of the original but put my spin on it.”

The remix package showcases the global versatility of Peter $un’s sound, celebrating the authentic stylings of each producer involved. Blinkie’s mix sets an upbeat tone, while Uncle Kizzy’s slower, intimate mix provides a vibe for quieter moments.

This release follows a transformative year for Peter $un, marked by the optimistic and bouncy flows of his ‘3PIECE’ EP. Earlier in August, he delivered a special live rendition of the track “BURN LIKE FIRE” for SpringHill’s “On Site” YouTube series. Collaborating with Red Bull Media House and Ghetto Film School, he shared his story behind “Perfect Timing” in a short film titled $unny Daze, directed by rising filmmaker Lexx Truss.

Peter $un’s artistic journey has been characterized by an unfiltered commitment to expressing emotions, thoughts, and truths. Originating from Richmond and now based in Los Angeles, he blends future-facing hip-hop with eloquent jazz-style instrumentation and undeniable soul. From his early mixtapes like ‘Paradise Is A Day Away’ to the acclaimed ‘Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety’ EP released in 2022, Peter $un continues to captivate audiences with his introspective exploration of rap fused with jazz and soul.

Peter $un, a Richmond-born and Los Angeles-based rapper, vocalist, and producer, fearlessly confronts trauma, discloses ambitions, and embraces potential in his music. Influenced by a childhood filled with jazz and later discovering artists like D’Angelo and Tupac, Peter $un’s musical journey has evolved from sports to becoming a creative force in the world of hip-hop and soul. With an impressive discography and millions of streams, he continues to make an impact in the music scene.


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