PR PARADE 2023: It’s PR Showtime – A Moment to Explore Your Potential BINUS Public Relations Student @Malang

Bingkai Karya – The Public Relations Department Student Association BINUS @Malang United Students of Public Relations (USPR), again held the PR PARADE event this year 2023 with the theme “It’s PR Showtime”. In accordance with this theme, PR PARADE is packaged in a more “upscaled and upgraded” concept with various series of activities starting from various competitions (Dance competition, Corporate Social Responsibility competition, Photography competition, Coswalk competition, and PR Ambassador), Company and Factory Visit, PRXpertise Talkshow, Beauty Class, Photography Workshop, to Beauty and Lifestyle The festival was attended by more than 30 tenants located at Plaza Begawan Apartment Malang.

This event is open to the public and involves various parties such as partner companies, BINUS @Malang students and other universities, high school students,  communities, MSMEs and the general public.

Galuh Ayu Savitri, Head of the BINUS @Malang Public Relations Study Program said that “PR PARADE is a routine agenda for the BINUS @Malang Public Relations Study Program aims to provide a forum for students to explore and apply skills and knowledge in the field of Public Relations, such as establishing relationships, sponsorship to event management. Apart from that, by holding this event we also want to introduce the BINUS @Malang Public Relations Study Program to a wide audience by bringing the spirit of empowering society, communities and MSMEs.”

“From year to year, PR PARADE must bring a new and more upgraded feel, every year In 2023, this is the first time we will hold it in a public place, namely Plaza Begawan, we hope so that it can involve more parties outside campus and can represent the year’s theme. This is It’s Show Time and is truly present in the wider community, not only on campus just. Apart from that, this event was also structured with several new concepts such as Beauty and Lifestyle Fest which involves various tenants, including MSMEs in the assisted community BINUS @Malang whose products are also displayed in fashion show activities “brought by PR students,” added Adhimurti Citra Amalia, Supervisor of the PR event PARADE 2023. 

PR PARADE 2023 presents a series of activities starting with activities Company and Factory Visit to Orang Tua Group, Surabaya on November 17 2023 and The peak event will be held on 15-17 December 2023 with the following activities:

1. Various competitions for high school, university and general students, including competitions CSR proposal with the theme “Build Future with Your Creative CSR” with PT Ajinomoto, dance competitions with K-Pop and modern dance categories, photography competitions, and Coswalk (cosplay) competition.

2. PRXpertise Talkshow, featuring Malang Raya influencer Roofi Anggara @mahaciwaa and Surabaya Elisa Widyakusuma @elisawidya.k to share tips Become an influencer and professional public speaker.

3. Beauty Class with Emina, which provides knowledge about makeup, good grooming and learning to apply it directly.

4. Final PR Ambassador Selection, is a student selection activity excelled as a representative of the BINUS @Malang Public Relations Study Program.

5. Fashion Show and Photography Contest, namely a fashion show participated in by

BINUS @Malang students and students as models and photo community HIPDI, Sit for a Moment, fashion tenants and MSMEs.

6. Beauty and Lifestyle Fest, namely a bazaar attended by more than 30 beauty tenants,

fashion and FnB, and enlivened with a fashion show for MSME products and performances

competition finalists, live music to live DJ.

The PR PARADE 2023 activity was also used as an event to further strengthen the community relations between Public Relations Study Program students, especially new students. This is appropriate with an explanation from the President of USPR and Chief Executive of the 2023 PR Parade, Marsa Lufna Salsabilla, “We are making PR PARADE 2023 special, apart from involving many parties from outside we also took advantage of this moment to explore ourselves with holding various activities that are different from previous years. We also insert a Welcoming Party agenda for new students to see how it is The excitement of learning the science of Public Relations while experiencing the experience of applying it effectively direct”.

The entire event organizing committee hopes that through PR PARADE 2023, especially the community Those in the city of Malang can get to know the Public Relations and BINUS @Malang majors closer, and this event can be useful for students to increase creativity

self-confidence, and is beneficial for all groups. See you again at PR PARADE 2024.


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