Putri Gita Debut with New Heartbreak Anthem “Telah Coba”

Putri Gita, a young Bandar Lampung singer who has appeared on Indonesian Idol Junior, The Indonesian Next Big Star, and The Voice Kids, released her debut single “Telah Coba” under Loop Music.

“Telah Coba” deals with the physiological effects of being in an abusive relationship. It is about a couple who has been attempting to stick it out through tough times together but is still struggling to come together despite their best efforts. Because of this, they came to the conclusion that splitting up would be beneficial for their relationship.

“In short, the song ‘Telah Coba’ tells about a couple who have tried to maintain the relationship, but when one of them doesn’t want to be together anymore, the relationship will be in vain, and in the end it must end,” said Putri Gita.

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Putri Gita recently shared her experience while recording the highly anticipated track, “Telah Coba.” Despite encountering initial difficulties in establishing the right emotional connection at the beginning of the song, Gita’s unwavering determination and the help from the Loop Music team allowed her to overcome the obstacles.

Putri Gita aspires to fascinate people and make a memorable debut in the music industry, with great ambitions of receiving broad praise. 

‘I’m so grateful and proud to be able to sing the song ‘Telah Coba’ for my first debut single, and also very happy to be a part of the Loop Music team. Thank you Kak Pika, and all the brothers and sisters on the Loop team who have been involved in the creation of my single ‘Telah Coba’. Hopefully, the song ‘Telah Coba’ can be well received and liked by many people so that it can be a good start in my career and can be an encouragement for my next song. Keep the spirit of work and success for all of us!” said Putri Gita

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