Hindia Makes Their Ambitious Second Album, “Lagipula Hidup akan Berakhir”

Hindia released the first part of “Lagipula Hidup akan Berakhir”. This album is considered an ambitious project and a big leap for a well-known musician and songwriter from Jakarta, the Hindia. After the success of its first album, “Menari Dengan Bayangan” many people thought that Hindia would definitely release a second album. However, Hindia did not expect too much of an album because he felt that the problems he raised in the first album’s songs had not been resolved.

The album “Lagipula Hidup akan Berakhir” focuses on four major issues that have troubled Hindia in recent years, namely technology, inflation, oligarchy, and the climate crisis. The album was produced by Enrico Octaviano and Kareem Soenharjo, and Hindia wrote many songs to dig deeper into these issues. The album is divided into two parts, Part I and Part II, with each having its own major theme.

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Part I of the album includes 14 songs that address hopelessness, stress, memories, and many more. These songs are packed with interesting musical variations and typical Hindia lyrics which are straightforward and full of puns. Several well-known collaborators also contributed to this section, including Gamaliel Tapiheru, Kamga, Iga Massardi, Petra Sihombing, Vega Antares, Rayhan Noor, Tuantigabelas, and Matter Mos.

Part II of the album will follow in two weeks. Hindia hopes that in the end, the albums will have something useful for everyone. Overall, “Lagipula Hidup akan Berakhir” is an interesting and meaningful musical project, providing a deep experience for listeners and giving Hindia the opportunity to express his feelings about the problems faced in modern life.

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