Tsumyoki Shares A Love-Hate Relationship Wrapped In I-Pop Song

Tsumyoki, a talented 22 years old artist has just released his single called “It’s Aight”. He came from the state of Goa, India and started to pursue Hip Hop and Pop as his main genre in his musical career. 

He succeeded to pave his musical career path in 2021, where he achieved a milestone as the first Goan music artist to be signed by Gully Gang Records. He was honored as “50 Most Influential People of 2021” by Goan Insider. He was also called as Goa’s finest rapper by the popular Goan’s publication, “ItsGoa.com”. These days, Tsumyoki is regarded as an influential musician that introduces I-Pop to the public’s awareness.

“It’s Aight” tells aout a story about a love-hate relationship with the intense details of the toxicity of the whole relationship. The whole plot is kind of a general problem that may happen to a lot of relationships out there, and then wrapped in a song. But what differentiates “It’s Aight” is its detailed storytelling from the perspective of one’s side, making the whole song, lyrically, hits different. This song can be metaphorized as a phrase, which reads, “a beautiful yet harmful view of a storm”. 

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Apart from the sadness which is clearly obvious, Tsumyoki and Prophet Joegus tried to do experiment with their voices. They skilfully manage to blend melodic rap elements with a redefined singing style. There is a high vocal that captures audacity, frustration, and boldness to deliver the raw emotions the singer feels throughout the meaning of the song. (https://www.leankitchenco.com/)

Overall, this whole song narrates about how hard it is to endure the pain and toxicity of a love-hate relationship, even though he knows that the relationship should be ended for the sake of both’s sanity.

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