Rahmania Astrini and her One-Sided Heartbreak in “Nobody But You”

Rahmania Astrini shows us her dedication by releasing another original single “Nobody But You”. Heartbreak is a major theme in this song that was conveyed by the Winner of Female Solo Soul/R&B AMI Awards 2021 and one of her English songs.

“In this single, my intentions are purely just storytelling about a feeling that was felt by many. It is about one-sided love and searching for clarity,” said Astri in her press release on Friday, February 24, 2023. Created by Rahmania Astrini and Osvaldorio,  the official music video for the song is directed by Ivan Saputra Alam from Athea Visuals. 

During the MV shooting, Rahmania said that it was one of the most pleasant experiences for her. With a knife on her back as part of the story, Rahmania said, “It was one of the most fun MV experiences but also one of the most tiring to do. Ivan asked me to cry in a lot of scenes, and I managed to put myself in a very vulnerable state and it wasn’t easy. I felt very anxious after the shoot but it was also an amazing experience.”

The song will be a part of her upcoming debut album. You can get further information about her journey while creating her latest song on her website.

Born in Northampton Massachusetts, US on July 4, 2001. Rahmania Astrini is a singer/songwriter that releases several hits songs such as “Aku Cinta Dia”, “Tak Lagi Sama”, “Menua Bersama”, “Tak Bisa” and Runaway. Her first English song “It’s Amazing” was able to enter the chart of 5 different countries aside from Indonesia. (Ultram) She also release her first EP in 2021 “Adolescent”. Rahmania was able to gather her fans from different regions such as Phillipines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and even US.


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