Rahmania Astrini Captures the Pain of Hidden Emotions in Relationships in “Space”

Rahmania Astrini continues to be productive by releasing her latest original single titled ‘Space’. Her latest song tells the story of the distance that exists in a relationship because one party does not open themself.

Astri said that when she wrote this song, she was confused trying to understand the situation and the feelings experienced by someone. This confusion grew because all her efforts, in whatever form she took, seemed useless when she was not invited to enter this person’s ‘space’.

Rahmania Astrini created ‘Space’ with Teddy Adhitya who also acted as a producer. The 02:30-minute R&B song makes Astri sound melancholy with minimalist musical instruments and English lyrics that sound like heartbreak.

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The Official Music Video of ‘Space’ was produced by director Ivan Saputra Alam of Athea Visuals. For additional information, the shooting location for the music video ‘Space’ and other new songs such as ‘Nobody But You’, ‘Ground Zero’, ‘Goodnight Kiss’ and also ‘Untitled’ was done in France when Astri was continuing her studies in the Netherlands last year.

This song will be included in Astri’s upcoming debut album. ‘Space’ can already be enjoyed on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia. For those who want to get the story of Astri’s journey in making her new songs can directly join the website rahmaniaastrini.com.

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