Rendy Pandugo Deals with Wound and Disappointment in “Senandung Lara”

Rendy Pandugo hums about his latest composition about how he can finally make friends with the various pains he has gone through, according to the title of his latest song, “Senandung Lara”. The song is the opening track of a series of songs that will lead to an album scheduled for release in early 2024. He performed this song live on stage at the Java Jazz Festival 2023 some time ago. 

Through this song, Rendy Pandugo tells of his process of dealing with a wound of disappointment. “Desperation, disappointment, overthinking, all mixed. I felt that what I was doing at that time was all wrong until I was at the stage of questioning my abilities for whatever I wanted to do,” said Rendy Pandugo.

Time has become a supporting friend and is finally able to bring Rendy far to go hand in hand with his wounds. His steps also brought Rendy to a new musical journey, establishing his label, P.O.P Records, right in his 9th year in the music world.

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Rendy Pandugo not only builds a new “home” for his works, but he also explores the creation of his lyrics. “Senandung Lara” will be his first musical work in Indonesian as a soloist. “It’s like a new playground for me to explore, Indonesian lyrics can bring me new satisfaction as a songwriter,” said Rendy Pandugo. 

In writing the lyrics, Rendy Pandugo collaborated with Petra Sihombing who also acted as the song’s music producer. This release also marks the beginning of Rendy Pandugo’s collaboration with KithLabo – Believe Artist Services Indonesia to expand the reach of his music listeners with well-packaged promotions.

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