Rhys Lewis ‘Corner Of The Sky’ Tells Us the Meaning of Being Alive

Rhys Lewis released his brand new album “Corner Of The Sky”. The 13-track album, for him, is what it means to be alive. Looking back at himself, Rhys Lewis found that he’s connected to a generation that needs to run, regardless of destination. It is a sense of uncertainty about what the future might hold and the urge to escape. 

Regarding the brand new album, Rhys says, “Music has always been a destination for me, a space to explore my thoughts and emotions. So naturally, this album became somewhere I could escape to – a place in which I felt free to wonder, question, and create. I feel like I’ve grown up a lot whilst writing this record, which feels funny to say at 30. The window of time I wrote this album in was uniquely challenging and perspective-shifting. It gave me a completely different view of my life, from which I’ve learnt a lot about myself and how I see the world around me.”

The first single of the album, ‘Alone’, describes Rhys first daydream escapade that’s balanced with optimistic pop gems ending with transitional records. In the journey of change, he moved from London to the greenery scene in his childhood place in Oxfordshire, where he embraced loneliness and allowed the record to grow organically in the countryside.

In the middle of this, Rhys also found a way to redefine himself as a creative, even when he missed touring and the thrill of live performing. Several songs convey this such as ‘Love In a Modern Age’ and ‘Simple’. While ‘Corner Of The Sky’ single is a realization of what it meant to be at home.

To welcome his biggest year yet, Rhys toured the world supporting Eric Nam, a American singer, songwriter and television host. 2023 will be the year Rhys embark upon his own journey in European headline tour, stopping in London’s Lafayette and other such as Dublin, Berlin, Copenhagen and other city in Europe.


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