Rinrin Release Her New Single “Letter to Myself” After Successful Show in Russia

Rinrin was invited to appear at the Kazan OIC Youth Capital 2022 Closing Ceremony in Kazan, Russia, on December 15, 2022. Not only that, Rinrin also won an award as Young Islamic Culture and Art Ambassador of the Year. In Kazan, she performed her new single “letter to myself”. In this song, Rinrin (formerly known as Tarrarin) tells how it would be if the 17-year-old she was could see the version of herself now. Uniquely, this song will soon be launched on digital streaming platforms after the live session version first.

Rinrin said that she was very happy because she had the opportunity to appear at the Kazan OIC Youth Capital series of events. To be honest, in 2021 Rinrin has just started a solo project, after her band Svmmerdose disbanded. Rinrin is faced with a new challenge where she has to do everything herself. She was grateful for being able to learn to be more independent in my career. Then when Rinrin got the chance to sing in Russia, she was so happy and ecstatic. She has never even brought live versions of her songs in Indonesia.

During the festival, Rinrin had the opportunity to get to know other talented participants from OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) member countries, take part in a master class, tour the historic city of Kazan, and perform her single entitled “Glock 17”. Appearing in a dress made of songket cloth, Rinrin’s stage act was accompanied by a theatrical dance performance behind her

This was Rinrin’s second time performing in Russia. Last October, Rinrin was selected as a participant in the International Youth Festival of Modern Muslim Culture (IYFMMC) in Kazan, Russia, representing Indonesia along with five others, on October 26-30 2022. This was the first time she had performed live on a foreign stage.

Rinrin is an Indonesian alternative singer/songwriter. She released her first single in 2020. Since then, she has started producing songs on her own as well as for her band, Svmmerdose. She is able to capture and represent other people’s feelings through her songs. In her first single “Emotions” she wrote about her friends’ struggles with mental illness. She has also written songs for people who are struggling with insecurity with their works “Self-love” and “Pimples”.

Her fourth release entitled “Parent’s P.0.V” talks about the perspective of how it feels to be a parent. Rinrin’s fifth work entitled “Glock 17” has a different arrangement than before. Rinrin includes a sample accordion instrument inspired by a Malay song and in mid-2022 Rinrin released another single entitled “You Only Like Beautiful Things” which was inspired by the film ‘Minions’! In her next songs, Rinrin wants to combine elements of Indonesian traditional music with international music so that she can preserve Indonesian traditional music through modern songs.


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