Russian McDonald’s Change Its Name into “Vkusno & Tochka”

The Russian McDonald’s was back in operation with a new name “Vkusno & Tochka” after being closed due to the Ukrainian war. “Vkusno & Tochka” means “Tasty and That’s It” in English.

The store started operating on June 12, 2022. Many people queued in one of its stores in Pushkin Square. The outlet came with a new logo: burger and 2 fries. 

The number of people queueing seemed long, but not as long as the moment of the opening of the original McDonald’s in 1990. Different from the original McDonald’s, Vkusno & Tochka offered less menus.

There were no BigMacs and other burgers and desserts. However, Vkusno & Tocha’s menu was less expensive than McDonalds. Double Cheeseburger is 129 Rubel or lower than the previous price which was 160 Rubel. 

In this year’s end of June, Vkusno & Tochka will reopen 200 outlets in Russia and 850 outlets will be opened at the end of summer. Previously, McDonalds sold their stores to local businesses. McDonald’s decided to close their stores in Russia as a response to their refusal of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 


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