SEVENTEEN Returned with ‘Face The Sun’

SEVENTEEN was back with a 4th studio album ‘Face The Sun’ after releasing their first English single ‘Dar+ling’. 13 trailers named ‘13 Inner Shadows’ gave a sneak peek on the album. (

Each episode told us about the 13 members who moved past their inner shadows, turned their self-doubt into goals for the future, and set out on a new journey to Face the Sun.

‘Face The Sun’ is an album that depicts SEVENTEEN’s ambition to represent the Suns, a one-of-a-kind entity with unwavering power.

The album follows the 13-piece act as they chart their own course, determined not to be stymied by their concerns or the challenges that lie ahead.

Woozi co-wrote all of the 9 songs and S.Coups, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon, and Dino took part in composing and writing the lyrics.

It leads us from the time they confront their deepest fear, through the grand dreams that develop as a result of overcoming these fears, to the idea of ‘us’ coming together to overcome our fears and face a new world.

SEVENTEEN is a 13-members Korean boy group with 2 billion streams and 10 million album sellings. They divided themselves in three subunits: hiphop, vocal, and performance.

SEVENTEEN have unassumingly made history and became one of the biggest groups ever thanks to their world-class synchronization, jaw-dropping choreography, and tight coordination, earning them the label of “K-pop Stage-breakers.”


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