SG Lewis Released His Second Album “Lifetime” WIth Kaleidoscopic Future Disco

SG Lewis released his second album “Lifetime” inspired by “yacht rock” Steely Dan and Hall and Oates, combined with the sweet lyrics  “I’ve waited for a lifetime…to tell you I love you.. Not only that, Lewis stated “I think that ‘Lifetime’ could be my favourite record I’ve ever made. I wrote it with my friends Ed Drewett, Reuben James, and J Moon late one night at Decoy Studios, and the song is largely about Ed and his wife. It’s a song that channels inspiration from a lot of the music I grew up listening to, and holds a very special place in my heart.”

“Lifetime” brings a kaleidoscopic future disco of Lewis’ debut album “Times”. The album is divided into two parts. On one end of the spectrum, he creates the night bangers that are underground raves, dance floors, and pool parties. On the other hand, he is able to reach a greater degree of classic pop euphoria supported by just the appropriate amount of breezy rock with catchy melodies, natural instrumentation, and elegant vocals.

Lewis’ debut album “Times,” which was published last year, was acclaimed by numerous publications, including The Guardian, NME, Evening Standard, Clash, GQ, Notion, Mixmag, and many more, as one of modern pop’s secret weapons.


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