GAHBM Share the Story of Failed Relationship in “2013/Bluest I’ve Been”

Girl and Her Bad Mood (GAHBM) succeeded in releasing “Bye Your Side” and “Wanna Wanna Go” and they now comeback with the latest release entitled “2013/Bluest I’ve Been”. Published by Haum Entertainment and Fist Valley Records, this song will be the last released before the release of the upcoming EP.

“2013/Bluest I’ve Been” combines pop-style music, midwest, and slow drum tempo. Also, the melancholy lyrics describe chaotic feelings due to a failed relationship.  “2013/Bluest I’ve Been” was chosen as the last release before the upcoming EP because the mood of the song presents the mini album that will be released

 “The previous single that we released mostly used an upbeat tempo. We think we need to release a single that uses a downbeat tempo to balance the other singles released. Not only that, “2013/Bluest I’ve Been” is enough to present the mood and theme for the upcoming EP,” said GAHBM.

Moreover, GAHBM also tells a story about the number “2013” in their song title. “For the song title, we had a vote to decide our worst year and when we experienced a broken heart, it turned out that it all happened in 2013. That’s why we put 2013 in the title” 

In order to promote “2013/Bluest I’ve Been” and the upcoming EP, Haum Entertainment officially announced the GAHBM tour with Closure. The tour will be held in 8 cities in Java; Malang, Tangerang, Bekasi, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, and Semarang.


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