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Shenzhen-Jakarta New Cargo Route to Import ASEAN Fresh Produce

Central Airlines Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen, China, has recently launched a new international cargo flight line route, “Shenzhen-Jakarta,” which will operate six times a week, with a weekly capacity of more than 120 tons. The new route is mainly for transporting fresh seafood from Indonesia and other ASEAN countries into Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport in South China. However, the route will also carry tropical fruits like durian and bananas in the future.

After the opening of this route, Shenzhen Airport will have almost 100 cargo flights to ASEAN countries every week. This will lead to a deeper level of cooperation and closer trade relationships between China and ASEAN, particularly with the implementation of the RCEP agreement in 2022.

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Over the last few years, ASEAN has become China’s largest trading partner. The Shenzhen-Jakarta cargo route will serve as a significant boost to the economic and trade exchanges between the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, ASEAN countries, and RCEP member countries.

In the year 2022, China’s imports and exports with ASEAN reached 6.52 trillion yuan, with China’s imports of agricultural products from ASEAN increasing by 21.3%. This trend is expected to continue with the introduction of the Shenzhen-Jakarta cargo route, which will facilitate the rapid transportation of fresh seafood and fruits from Southeast Asia to Shenzhen. The route will provide Shenzhen residents with a diverse range of choices for fresh produce

Source : AntaraNews

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