Sheryl Sheinafia Expresses How Cruel Honesty Could be in “Situationship”

Sheryl Sheinafia released a new single, “Situationship,” that marked her new journey as an independent musician. While she has not ditched her pop roots, Sheryl has attempted to modernize her voice and sound with a touch of soft rock and techno music to reflect how far she has progressed as a musician.

The song “Situationship” tells the story of Sheryl’s life and her struggles with the cruelty of honesty in a relationship. The song also talks about the journey of maturing while waiting in uncertainty and expectation for what comes next.

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When a relationship looks too good to be true, Sheryl eventually enters a stage she refers to as a situationship which she expressed as “Maybe in another scenario, we don’t have to play hide and seek”. The song was also assisted by Petra Sihombing, who became Sheryl’s partner as producer and arranger, as well as Ivan Gojaya in the mixing process and Dimas Pradipta in the mastering process.

The chorus of this song, like a child, contains the words “I just want to be with you,” proving that love feels extremely sincere even though it is full of uncertainty and childishness. It is about a person who is uncertain about the end of a relationship but still confident that they will be able to find the one. In the end, it is about ourselves before everything and everyone.


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