Shoppertainment: A Shopping Trend Taking Advantage of Internet Progress

Recently, we often see videos of people promoting their products on social media Live, from TikTok to Facebook Live. In fact, many of us enjoy this kind of video because of their unique way to sell their products. But, did you know that there is a term for this marketing strategy?

Shoppertainment is a term used to describe a phenomena in which businesses use digital, remote, and live-streamed video to demonstrate, market, and sell their items to consumers.

Despite the popularity that Shoppertainment activities have gained among marketers and consumers since the pandemic, their use actually dates back to 2016, when Chinese sellers and marketplaces like AliExpress began to use this strategy.

In reality, the most popular shoppertainment format, live streaming, can be quite similar to traditional teleshopping, with one or two presenters demonstrating a product live and giving you access to make a purchase (online rather than over the phone as in the past).

Live Streaming also has the benefit of enabling chat engagement from viewers, which will be crucial for future product marketing and sales strategies where interaction will be vital. The businesses that are most dedicated to this format include social networks and online marketplaces, such Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, Amazon (with its own Live platform), and AliExpress, a pioneer in shoppertainment.

In addition to that, there are additional shoppertainment activities that involve promotions that are more fun, interactive, and immersive than traditional commercials:

  • Gamification: The process of making the product and purchasing experience into a game, as seen at Taobao, where you could make a unique avatar for each visit to the market.
  • Virtual Reality: Videos that let viewers interact virtually with a product or replicate being present at an occasion or location are known as IKEA and Coach have already tested.

To put it simply, the goal of all these shoppertainment activities is to persuade consumers to buy a product in a way that is both amusing and educational for them.


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