Singapore Celebrates Independence Day With National Day Parade

Every country has its own special day to celebrate, as well as Singapore. The 9th of august is marked as a special day in Singapore. On this day Singapore declared its independence from Malaysia. On this special occasion, the city will be filled with red and white flags and attires, patriotic songs, and the most important event of the day, the National Day Parade at Marina Bay. 

Singapore’s theme for this year’s independence day is Stronger Together, Majulah!, which is coherent with the national anthem of Singapore, Stronger Together. urges unity among all Singaporeans in order to build a better future. The concept of the theme song is that friends and family should work together to make Singapore stronger especially when we flashback to the last 2 years when Covid – 19 affects most people.

There are many activities that will be held during the National Day Parade, such as the celebration of the strength and unity of Singaporeans. This exciting showcase will be performed by students and youth. Home viewers won’t feel left out either because special CGI effects have been developed to make you feel like you’re a part of the national celebrations.

Military parades also celebrate independence day with a hybrid performance that will combine band performances and precise exercises. There is also a special tribute video from youth contingents and salute national servicemen to mark 55 years of National Service.

Breathtaking fireworks are always present as usual. It can be seen from every corner of Singapore but the main fireworks are held at Marina Bay, however, there are some other places to watch fireworks, such as Jurong West Stadium, Woodlands Stadium, Bedok Stadium, Site of former Tampines Junior College, and Field in front of Ang Mo Kio Public Library


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