Stylish Outfit for Freshmen You can try

This month, many freshmen attend their first day of college. Of course, styling outfits becomes the first thing that will be prioritized to make a good impression. Therefore we recommend some outfit ideas that you can wear on your first day in college. 

All Black outfit (men) 

Wearing black from shirt to shoes is enough to build a good first impression. On your first day in college, you can also mix and match with black leather jacket. Not only it brings a good impression but also it is very simple to wear. 

Earth tone outfit (men vs women)

Earth tone is the best option for you who do not want to stand out on your first day in college. A beige shirt combined with green trouser is enough to make you looks good. Earth tone’s colour tends to be soft and not in contrast which did not draw much attention but still pleasing to the eyes.

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Pastel colour outfit (women)

If you want to stand and draw more attention from your friends, then pastel colour should be your first choice. To make your outfit more stand out you can layer your outfit with outerwear. With high contrast colour will make you look distinctive among your friends.      


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