Suara Kayu Bites Back at Playboys with New Single “Buaya”

Bingkai KaryaSuara Kayu is back with a new original song titled “Buaya”. The song tells the story of a ghosting victim’s perspective towards playboys or “buaya darat”.

“Buaya” is a light-hearted song with playful lyrics that also serves as a reminder for players not to hurt others by ghosting them. The song’s catchy melody and relatable lyrics make it perfect for anyone who has ever been ghosted.

The song was written by Suara Kayu’s Ingrid Tamara and Audree Dewangga and produced by LDR. The duo wanted to highlight the horn and flute sections in the arrangement, so they collaborated with James from Uwu band.

The song’s official visualizer was filmed in Osaka, Japan during the winter season. The video features a person in a crocodile mask giving roses to random people on the street. The duo was initially worried that the Japanese people would reject the gesture, but they were pleasantly surprised by the warm and supportive response.

In 2023, Suara Kayu completed their first collaborative tour called “Semimpi” and released an EP titled “Perjalanan Mimpi” featuring collaborations with various musicians. “Buaya” is the first of many new releases that Suara Kayu has planned for this year.

The song is now available on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia. The official visualizer can be watched on Suara Kayu’s YouTube channel.


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