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Synchronize Fest Release Day 1-3 Rundown, Check These Out!

Synchronize Fest is a national multi-genre yearly music festival inviting thousands of audiences to attend for 3 days on 6 different stages. The audience also can take pictures or fan signs from their favorite musicians such as Gugun Blues Shelter, Feast, Efek Rumah Kaca, David Bayu, Fourtwnty, Burgerkill, Sisitipsi, Navicula, Nadin Amizah, and The Adams.

Not only that, Synchronize Fest collaborates with Kinosaurus. Providing a mini cinema to play short films from a local cinematographer. Synchronize Fest also has a local stall known as UMKM that sells clothes, crafts, and arts. Synchronize Fest also works together with subculture media,, to offer a karaoke space that will be graced by some stars such as Ardhito Pramono, Salon RnB (RL Klav, Moneva, Gavendri), Orkes Nunung CS, Dustin Tiffani, Petra Sihombing, Sivia, Munhajat, Podcast GJLS, and Sisitipsi

Moreover, Synchronize Fest is doing a campaign for environmental concerns. This campaign also involves organizers, sponsors, vendors, and all visitors who attends the Synchronize Fest. There are some guidelines in this environmental care movement;  Waste Management,  Bring Your Own Tumbler, and Internal Change Behaviour to raise awareness of environmental concerns.


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