The Skuy Releases an Album “Salindia” to Tell Story of Life

The Skuy announced its debut album entitled “Salindia” after releasing “Pak Budi” and “Senandung”.  “Salindia” is a projection through a photographic view on a thin glass plate. View Master will be the icon of “Salindia” because it is used to see a photo or a picture that is gathered in reels, which every reel presents the songs in the album “Salindia” 

“Salindia” consists of 10 songs that will tell the story of life from mischief in high school to the moment of proposing to his girlfriend. Not only that, The Skuy also includes several songs such as “Bossa”s, “Cha cha”, “Neo Soul”, “Folk”, & “Jazz” with SKA nuance. 

“Salindia” will be released through a digital music streaming platform alongside a launching party in Sidoarjo on 29 October. On the launching day, there will be a special performance for the listeners with adding more string instruments such as Violin, Viola, & Cello, to add a majestic impression.

With the release of this album, it is hoped that The Skuy could take further steps in the music industry. “SALINDIA” will be available on 10 October, 2022 through all digital streaming channels such as Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Deezer, etc.


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