Vierratale Carries Theatrical and Surrealism Concept for “Semua Tentangmu (Orchestral Version)”


Vierratale offers a new image of the previous single in the album ‘Love, Love, Love’ with the title “Semua Tentangmu (Orchestral Version)”. “Semua Tentangmu” was previously released in 2011 under the label, Musica Studios. This time, it’s planned to be re-released with a new and different packaging along with a music video.

Besides receiving a large number of requests, “Semua Tentangmu (Orchestral

Version)” was chosen to be reborn with a different version because of the expansion of the meaning possessed by this work. In addition, this song was also released as the debut single towards Vierratale’s new upcoming mini album in 2023.

“When I made the 1st version, it was only aimed for lovers. Now that I have reviewed it again, it turns out that this song doesn’t only apply to couples, but it can also apply  to everyone. It can be to family, friends, nature, even God,” said Raka, the lyricist of the song. 

In this single, Kevin plays a role in making arrangements and production. The song talks about love, waiting, memories, and everything that can’t let go, reborn with the orchestral arrangement that made it more alive. Having a similar reference, classical music, the 3 members of Vierratale (Kevin, Widi, and Raka) agreed to share their reference background with each other into a music concept as well as a music video at the same time.

Directed by Bonita Rachel, Vierratale collaborates with Production House, Miura Film, in the production process of the single. Not only changes in musical arrangement, the music video’s concept of “Semua Tentangmu (Orchestral Version)” which is presented with theatrical and elements of surrealism, also helps to awaken the soul of the song. It also features a ballet stage from the vocalist, Widi, as a form of exploration in Vierratale’s latest song.

In harmony with the concept of the music video, the cover artwork shows the feel of a fairy tale and surreal by Fakhrezy Kim which also gives another strength in this work. The cover artwork in this work is a form of another reflection of the lyrics as the definition of surrender to life and how someone responds to the feeling called love.

Vierratale’s music video will be launched on Vierratale’s official YouTube channel this month. Apart from releasing the music video, this single is also scheduled to be released worldwide on digital streaming platforms in October 2022.


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