Taiwanese Metal Girl Group MakeMake Release First Full-Length Album “We Are One” 

Bingkai Karya – Rising Taiwanese metal girl group MakeMake 麥琪麥琪 has released their first full-length album We Are OneWe Are One is a reflection of the challenges that we face on the journey of life, while these obstacles make things tough for us, they are also instrumental in shaping us to be stronger and more resilient. Through this album, MakeMake hopes to bring their listeners on a path of strength and hope, with a belief that by sticking together, we can overcome any challenges we face. 

Each of the songs in this album reflects a journey of feeling lost to eventually finding the right direction, bringing a sincere feeling of encouragement and positive energy to any listener. 

In the album, lead single ‘2087’ imagines a futuristic cyberpunk world filled with mystery and advanced technology, with flying vehicles cruising between towering skyscrapers and their neon lights. The song captures the story of an adventurous protagonist who goes on a journey of self-improvement to fulfill a mother’s dream. With its metal riffs and electronic beats,  ‘2087’ takes you on a musical adventure to discover the unknown and push the boundaries of futuristic imagination.

MakeMake debuted in 2020 with the EP M.A.K.E. and has since performed for audiences across Taiwan and beyond, including cities such as Shenzhen and Hong Kong. They will next be seen at Kaohsiung’s Megaport Festival, one of the largest rock festivals in Taiwan, this weekend.


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