Technology in Reducing The Effects of Drilling Oil Production

Oil exploration and drilling can disrupt terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Seismic techniques used to explore for oil beneath the ocean floor can harm fish and marine mammals.

Seismic techniques is one of the exploration methods based on measuring the response of seismic waves (sound) that are inserted into the soil and then reflected or refracted along differences in soil layers or rock boundaries.

Oil reserves can be found by digging fewer exploratory wells thanks to satellites, global positioning systems, remote sensing equipment, 3-D seismic technologies, and 4-D seismic technologies.

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The area that drilling activities affect is smaller and more mobile slimhole drilling rigs. A single well may produce oil from a significantly broader area because of the use of horizontal and directional drilling, which lowers the number of wells required to develop an oil resource.

Oil and gas wells must be appropriately closed and abandoned when they become unprofitable, in line with any applicable state or federal legislation. This process aims to return the well site to its initial condition and properly seal the subsurface rock formation. (


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