TEDxUniversitasBrawijaya 2022 “Merayakan Kembali : Menggeledah Arus, Menilik Ruang”

TEDxUniversitasBrawijaya 2022 urged the audience to embark on a trip to escape from the complexity and boredom created by modern life by learning about the significance of local wisdom values as a zone to get back to their roots and get ready to survive in this contemporary era.

This exploration served as a reminder of the fundamental principles we should uphold in order to truly appreciate all living things and the environment. Because exploring the significance of the past will provide an explanation for what we currently fear—the uncertainty of the future. (https://www.curlygirldesign.com/)

“Merayakan Kembali: Menggeledah Arus, Menilik Ruang” was the theme of this year’s TedXUB. If taken in a more general sense, this actually has the purpose of reviving the practice of honoring the ancestors, which was frequently done in the past, for instance, by aiding one another, greeting one another, and carrying out modest tasks.

This time, TedXUB urged the audience to pause from the commotion of the world and once more appreciate the fundamentals of diversity.

In TedXUB 2022, it was divided into 2 speaker segments, namely rupa and nalar. The Rupa segment was a segment visible to the eye like helping each other, while the Nalar segment was in the form of old thoughts that are more easy going and more enjoyable with life as it should be. The biggest goal of TedXUB this year was to spread ideas worth sharing.

The 6 speakers—Kandi Windoe (City Branding Practitioner), Diah Priharsari (Digital Transformation Researcher), Tsany Abyandary (Student Speaker), Indriana Listia Rahmawati (Brand Value Creator), Eko Widianto (Journalist), and Fluxcup (Visual Artists)—all delivered speeches that covered each of these topics.


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