The Dare Teases the Fans by Releasing “Strangestreetfellows”

The Dare took a warm up step by releasing a single titled “Strangestreetfellows”, paving their road to the release of their third album. Their extended play (EP) is going to be released in October 2023. 

Looking to the musical aspect of the single “Strangestreetfellows, they have made some kind of a music formula inside of the single. There are drum synths as the opening of the single and Riri’s cold vocal, and there are also several interesting musical skits. 

As for the lyrical aspect of the single, the lyrics of the single are written by Desita. Desita tells a perspective where something we usually have in our daily life, can be something that makes our life colorful. Sometimes, it’s how we set a prayer of gratitude for little common things in life and not take it for granted. In the single’s case, the little things are how the hustle and bustle of the city occurs in our daily life, something we often see as a usual, unimportant thing.

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If we dive more specifically into the lyrics, it’s about the hustle and bustle of the city where The Dare came from, Mataram city. So basically the single “Strangestreetfellows” is the pop-genre ode The Dare made based on the life inside the city.

The band hope that their latest release “Strangestreetfellows” can be enjoyed by the fans and all listeners all over Indonesia. And besides that, the band also hope that the fans would love to enjoy The Dare’s musical journey that lagged behind. 


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