The Former Camp of Adolf Hitler Becomes a Hit Among Tourists

A massive amount of tourists are willing to pay about a hundred of pound sterling or equivalent to 1,8 million rupiah for a night to have a stay inside the former holiday camp of a global historical figure, Adolf Hitler. The former holiday camp of Adolf Hitler and Nazi  is located in Prora Solitaire Apartments & Spa.

The process of the building construction started in 1936. The aim of the building constructed in 1936 itself is to accommodate around 20.000 Nazi armies for their holiday and indoctrination (usually known as brainwashing) purposes. But the construction of the building was stopped in the World War II era. 

And after the war, the block of the area of the accommodation was used as the military base by The Red Army and later on by East Germany. It is known that the site is the only Nazi’s official site remaining in 1994.

“This is the place where 20.000 people were prepared to get to work and get to fight in the war,” Katja Lucke, the chief historian of a private museum informed, referring to Prora Solitaire Apartments & Spa.

And today, the building has been changed to one of those luxury accommodations in Germany. Not only standing out its luxury side, but Prora Solitaire Apartments & Spa also has a lot of great reviews from its visitors, making the accommodation become the most recommended accommodation located in Proraa, German Rugen Island, right around the Baltic Ocean.

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Apart from its dark past of the building, the former holiday camp seems like a great idea for a stay in Germany. We can definitely conclude it from the high rating of online reviews of Prora Solitaire Apartments & Spa.

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