Uap Widya Brings Back 80s Music on Her Latest Single, “Last Right One”

Uap Widya

Bingkai Karya-Singer, song writer, and music producer Uap Widya has released her latest single “Last Right One.” This time, Uap Widya presents a song that has a personal touch. It serves as the most romantic song he has ever created. The presence of an unexpected love and all its mysteries make Uap Widya hope that there will be her last love, or the “Last Right One.”

We don’t know how a love story will end. With this song, Uap Widya proves that on one hand love teaches the meaning of struggle and sacrifice, on the other hand love brings a lot of hope, courage, happiness, and surprises in life.

This song was composed by Uap Widya and Louise Mercy Eunice. Dion Djokoadi also serves as the producer with Uap for this single. They both grew up inspired by 80s music, such as George Duke, Lee Ritenour and Booker T. No wonder, then, that this song is rich in the influence of 80s Soul music.

“Last Right One” brings back a perfect composition with organic instruments. Rich with a touch of brass section and strings. In a very emotional vocal notation, Uap Widya pours out the hope for her last love.  This song also captures a beautiful moment experienced by Uap Widya in her beloved city, Yogyakarta.

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