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WhatsApp Develops Username and Screen-Sharing Features

WhatsApp is testing a screen-sharing feature during video calls, which is similar to features in Microsoft Teams, Google Meets and Zoom. The screen-sharing feature on WhatsApp can be accessed by users who update the beta application version

The screen-sharing feature is very helpful in virtual meetings because this feature allows one person to share content on their screen for all meeting participants to access at the same time so that it benefits users to carry out various activities, such as presentations.

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To access this feature, it only takes a few steps:

  1. Enter the call group where you want to present.
  2. Click the “Screen Sharing” icon located just to the left of the icon to activate the “Video” view.
  3. A pop-up window appears confirming that the user agrees to share their screen view with other call participants.
  4. Then just click “Start now” to start screen sharing.

However, there are some limitations to this feature. Quoted from FinancialExpress, this function cannot be activated when making a video call in a large group. Until now, it is not known how many maximum participants for this feature.

Apart from screen-sharing, WhatsApp has also made some minor changes to the app’s interface design. One of them, changing the layout of the navigation buttons on the bottom side. In the new change, users can access the ‘Chats’, ‘Calls’, ‘Communities’ and ‘Status’ options in the new navigation bar.

Source: CNBC 

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