WhatsApp Launches Channels Feature, Allowing to Follow Favorite Accounts

WhatsApp has introduced an exciting new feature called Channels, enabling users to follow specific accounts based on their interests. Using Channels, users can receive important updates from individuals and organizations right in the app apart from personal chats. This one-way broadcast tool allows admins to share text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls with their followers.

To enhance user experience, WhatsApp has implemented a search field, making it easier to discover and join Channels. Whether it’s hobby accounts, sports teams, or local news, users can find a variety of accounts to follow. Additionally, invitation links shared through chats, emails, or online posts allow users to enter a channel with just a click.

Privacy and security are key priorities for WhatsApp. Admins’ personal information, such as phone numbers and profile photos, remain confidential and are not displayed to followers. Similarly, followers’ phone numbers are not disclosed to admins or other followers. WhatsApp ensures that Channels provide a private communication space, safeguarding the personal information of both admins and followers.

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WhatsApp understands the importance of limited data retention. Channel history will only be stored on servers for up to 30 days, aligning with their belief that updates should not last forever. They are also working on ways to make updates disappear faster from followers’ devices. Additionally, channel admins have the option to block screenshotting and forwarding within their channels, giving them greater control over content distribution.

WhatsApp empowers admins by allowing them to decide who can follow their channels and whether their channels should be discoverable in the directory. Moreover, in order to cater to different needs, WhatsApp is considering end-to-end encrypted channels for limited audiences like non-profit or healthcare organizations. Initially, channels will be launched for organizations in Colombia and Singapore, providing an opportunity to gather feedback and refine the user experience. However, in the upcoming months, this exciting feature will be made available to users in various countries.

Source : CNNIndonesia

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