Yovie & Nuno Introduce New Formation and Single “Misal”

Yovie & Nuno are preparing to release a single titled “Misal” with a new line-up at the end of the year after announcing the addition of two new members in mid-2022, . The current lineup of Yovie & Nuno is Ady Julian on keyboard, Muchamad Ahadiyat on guitar, Adhyra Yudhi, and Chico Andreas on vocals.

Arsy Widianto wrote the song “Misal” after being inspired by a personal story. He said that the song “Misal” is about a man who still loves his ex-lover despite being hurt by her decision to leave. Arsy added that other people might have shared his personal experience, and decided to let go. (https://flucamp.com/)

The production of this single takes three months. The difficult part of creating the single “Misal,” that Yovie Widianto co-produced with Ari Renaldi, was defining the two different sound characteristics of the two new personnel. But as a result of their frequent performances together, their chemistry eventually emerged.

Muchamad Ahadiyat, who has been a part of Yovie & Nuno from its start, believes that the presence of Chico and Adhyra will give Yovie & Nuno a new color due to the unique character of their voices. Muchamad Ahadiyat hopes that their most recent song will be well appreciated by music listeners in general and especially by those who have faithfully followed them throughout their career.


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