Merry Christmas! Here are Fun Facts about Christmas to Make Your Day Merry

Christmas is one of the most awaited days of the year. The whole world has prepared its best to celebrate this day with passion and joy. Here are some fun facts about Christmas that will brighten this special day.

  1. Christmas Day is one of the biggest Christian celebrations in the world. 

Christmas coincides with the birthday of Jesus Christ, who is believed to be the savior of the world. Every year, people around the world celebrate this day in various ways, such as singing Christmas carols, putting up Christmas trees, and having fun with their families.

  1. Christmas Day is one of the longest holidays in the world. 

In some countries, Christmas is celebrated for 12 days. It usually starts from December 25th to January 6th. On Christmas Day, people do various activities, such as shopping, visiting relatives’ homes, hanging out with their families, and watching funny comedy movies. 

  1. Christmas and Christmas tree. 

Christmas trees are usually put outside or inside the house. The Christmas tree is decorated with colorful lights and makes it look beautiful. This tradition originates from the 16th century in Germany. 

The Christmas tree has been a symbol of Christianity in Germany since 1521. In 1555, the Christmas tree began to be used in the German capital, Wittenberg, as part of Christmas celebrations. Christmas trees could be found in most German homes in the 16th century. Also, Christmas trees could be found in churches, and often outside houses. Christmas trees can be made of many types of wood, and are usually covered with food, cookies, and jewelry.

  1. Santa Claus and Christmas. 

Santa Claus is a chubby figure in a red shirt who brings gifts to children. Santa Claus is one of the most recognized symbols of Christmas around the world. Santa Claus comes from the legend of St. Nicholas, a Christian bishop born in Turkey in the 4th century. He was known for his benevolence in giving aid to people in need. Santa Claus has been a symbol of kindness and generosity, and for centuries has been a figure that adorns Christmas Eve.

Those are some facts about Christmas that you should know. What have you prepared for Christmas? 


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