Yovie Widianto Brings Together 5 Top Singers to Form “SEMVA” and Releases Debut Single “Sumpah Cintaku”

Renowned maestro Yovie Widianto has once again demonstrated his visionary prowess. This time, he has united five of the nation’s top solo singers to form the sensational group “SEMVA” (pronounced: SEMUA, meaning “ALL”). Together, they have officially unveiled their debut single titled “Sumpah Cintaku,” marking a significant milestone in the world of Indonesian music.

The formation of SEMVA brings together a remarkable ensemble of talent, including Rio Febrian, Marcell Siahaan, Hedi Yunus, Fatur, and Dudi Oris. Each member boasts a distinguished career as a soloist with a string of chart-topping hits and shares a close friendship with Yovie Widianto, underscoring the deep connections that bind this extraordinary group.

When asked about the group’s name, Yovie Widianto explained, “Every time we gather, the last one to arrive says, ‘hey, everyone’s here’… and upon reflection, the word ‘SEMUA’ (ALL) really represents this group because everyone is here, all the cool singers, all with unique vocal characteristics, all with interesting styles. So, it’s fitting that the name is ‘SEMUA,’ complete like that!” Furthermore, the clever replacement of the letter “U” with “V” in the group’s name symbolizes the Roman numeral for 5, signifying the five talented members of SEMVA.

Yovie Widianto, alongside producer Adrian Kitut, has crafted a mesmerizing song that beautifully showcases the distinctive qualities of each SEMVA member, while also creating a harmonious and captivating melody. The lyrics of “Sumpah Cintaku,” penned by Arsy Widianto, tell a heartfelt tale of loyalty to a partner, conveyed through simple yet profoundly relatable words.

In addition to the single, SEMVA has released a nostalgic 90s-inspired music video for “Sumpah Cintaku,” which premiered alongside the song on Friday, September 29, 2023. The video, produced by FIBES Creative and directed by the talented duo Ario “Anyo” vs Pal, presents a familiar backdrop for those who experienced the 90s and 2000s era. Xanax online It features the five SEMVA members in enchanting dance sequences that are sure to captivate audiences.

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Adding an unexpected twist to the music video, Yovie Widianto makes a cameo appearance, showcasing his versatility and creativity in a way never seen before. It’s a moment fans won’t want to miss.

To experience this exceptional musical journey, the “Sumpah Cintaku” music video is available on Yovie Widianto’s official YouTube account, and the single can be enjoyed on all major digital music platforms. Don’t miss the chance to witness the magic of SEMVA and their captivating debut single.


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