3 National Heroes You Probably Don’t Know Participating in Battle of Surabaya

National Hero Day in Indonesia is celebrated every November 10. This is because on November 10, 1945 there was a major battle after independence, known as the Battle of Surabaya. This battle was the first war of Indonesian troops with foreign troops after the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence. The theme for this 2022 Hero’s Day is “Pahlawanku Teladanku”.

As for some of the heroes involved in the events of November 10 in Surabaya that are certainly familiar to our ears, namely Bung Tomo, Major General Sungkono, and KH Hasyim Asy’ari. But, did you know that there are 3 heroes who are rarely known to the public who were also involved in the November 10 war, namely Moestopo, Governor Suryo and HR Mohammad Mangoendiprodjo. 

Moestopo was a doctor and freedom fighter who at the end of World War II was in charge of controlling military forces in Surabaya. In the Battle of Surabaya, he played a role in blocking the British troops before the battle broke out.

Raden Mas Tumenggung Ario Soerjo or known as Governor Suryo was appointed Governor of East Java on 5 September 1945. In the events surrounding the Battle of Surabaya, the central government in Jakarta left the decision entirely to Governor Suryo. Through his speech on November 9, 1945, Governor Suryo called on the Surabaya area to fight the Allied forces in order to fight for Indonesian independence.

HR Muhammad Mangoendiprodjo fought against the Allied forces in Surabaya and at that time he had just been appointed by General Urip Sumoharjo as the leader of the TKR East Java Division. As reported by the official website of the DPAD Jogja, HR Mohammad Mangoendiprodjo acted as Indonesia’s representative in the bureau’s contact with British troops in Surabaya.


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